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Frequently Asked Questions

- Do you plan on providing an option for an OEM style display?

At the present time, there is no cost effective alternative for an OEM style display.
The search is ongoing for an option to integrate new screens which will be compatible
with the current hardware.

- Does the LCDi system interfere with the engine tuning or reliability?

No, the LCDi system simply replaces the gauges and does not interfere with the 
motor performance or PCM.

- Do you offer a warranty with your products?

Yes.  The LCDi module comes with a one year warranty against workmanship defects
and internal electronics.  

- Is the screen also covered by warranty?

The screen is covered by the computer manufacturer's warranty, not Procision-Auto.
Warranty claims within the first year of purchase of the LCDi system will be handled
by Procision-Auto.  Any claims outside of the first year will be handled by the computer

- How long does it take to get a replacement screen or module?

The replacement unit(s) normally arrive within 1-3 business days depending on mailing
logistics.  Shipping is covered by Procision-Auto within the warranty period.

- Do I have to buy the entire system if there is a problem after the warranty period?

No, you only need to purchase the required part.  Aside from the screen, most other
items can be repaired for less than the purchase price of a new unit.

- Is the display screen a universal fit for all vehicles?

No, the LCDi was designed with the Factory Five GTM in mind.  Most cars will require a
custom bezel and bracket.  Procision-Auto does not supply or custom make the bezels,
however a template is provided with each screen for mounting.

- When do you plan to release the OBD kits?  

The OBD kits are currently under development and are scheduled for Spring of 2017

- If I buy and LCDi System, will I have to replace my module to update to the OBD option?

No, the LCDi is expandable and can be upgraded to use the OBD option without any
disruption to the use of your vehicle.  Shipping will be covered by Procision-Auto for
those adding the ODB option to the LCDi-100 system.